For many, planning ahead assures you that your wishes will be fulfilled, and in turn you have helped a loved one. As more people pre-arrange their funeral today they also experience a sense of relief that they have actually gone through with it. These arrangements include important information for Births, deaths & Marriages, what type of service you would like and how you want to be remembered.

By making these plans with Gentle Touch Funerals not only are you in good hands but we can assist you with sound advice, ideas and ongoing support.  

Discover the Benefits of Pre-Planning with Gentle Touch Funeral Services.

Pre-planning a funeral with Gentle Touch Funerals empowers you to have a service that truly reflects and honors your unique lifestyle and passions. With us, you can expect transparency, as there are no hidden or unforeseen costs. Our focus is on assisting you with the final arrangements and ensuring you are informed about any entitlements you may qualify for. Choose Gentle Touch Funeral Services for a pre-planning experience that prioritizes your wishes and provides peace of mind.