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Pre Arrangement

We understand that loosing a loved one can be a trying time. One of the benefit of Pre-Arranging is to make the process easier for the one's you have left behind and maybe hurting at this time. Its sort of like still looking after them, even though you are not here.

We have a exclusive to Gentle Touch "Go To Folder" were all of your personal information and wishes are recorded. Even things like parents names and were you were born are important information that we would need at this time, should be recorded in this folder. Then when it comes time to Pre-Arrange it will make this process alot easier.   

A common comment from clients that have Pre-Arranged for themselves or for their loved one's is that it has taken a weight off their shoulders and surprisingly didn't take that long to do. So when the time comes everybody knows what to do, to ensure your wishes are carried out.

A Pre-Arrangement appointment can either be held in the comfort of your own home or in our family lounge at Gentle Touch. All conversations and arrangements are confidential, and if we come out to your home we can ensure you we will be arriving unnoticed to neighbors and surrounding communities.       


Pre Paid Funeral

There are many benefits to take advantage of one of our Pre-paid funeral plans.

* Ensure your final financial commitments are meet.

* Prevent financial burdens to your loved one's.

* Guaranteeing your wishes are meet.

*  Exemption from Means-Testing: A pre-paid funeral plan assists elderly contributors who may be in a rest home, or are contemplating moving into one. Government rules provide for an exemption of $10,000 from a person’s assets for prepaying a funeral and related expenses. 

* Peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Pre-Paid funds can be paid in a lump sum or over installments. These funds are kept in a trust account and are lodged in your name, only to be withdrawn once receiving a Death Certificate or a signed release form form the policy owner. To take full advantage of our Pre-paid funeral plans you would need to sit down and have a chat with you first   



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Personal wishes regarding the funeral

Click below to download a PDF version of the “Personal wishes regarding the funeral” form to be filled in at a suitable time.

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Consider Planning a Funeral Ahead of Time

At this stressful time, family members are suddenly forced to make many important decisions alone. We can help when planning your funeral ahead of time.