Arranging a funeral

When arranging a funeral, your comfort is paramount. We value your preferences and understand that this process can be a difficult one.

 When we meet with you, we will have an open discussion about the options best suited for you and your loved one, such options will include, Flowers, venues, caskets, catering and necessary paperwork, and determining whether your loved one will remain with us or be taken home.

At Gentle Touch Funerals, we hold deep respect for everyone and celebrate their uniqueness and freedom of choice.

During this time we also gather details for Births, Deaths & Marriages.

To help make this process easier please see our downloads form below.           

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Personal wishes regarding arranging a funeral

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Consider Planning a Funeral Ahead of Time

At this stressful time, family members are suddenly forced to make many important decisions alone. We can help when planning your funeral ahead of time.