While under supervised care

Following a death in hospital, a Hospice or in a rest home, the medical staff will contact the attending doctor so that a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death can be issued.

Rest homes often ask on the admission form the next of kin details, your preference of Funeral Home and whether you wish to be buried or cremated.  It is especially important at this time to make your wishes clear to them.

It is also important to leave the contact details of the person to whom we need to call, their phone number, address, and name. Also, when would they like us to contact them.


When someone is at home

When a person passes away at home and the person is under a physician’s care, you should firstly contact your family doctor.  He or she will officially verify this.  Once this has happened a Medical Certificate will be issued by the doctor.  Once this is done then contact us.  We will then arrange for one of our team to bring your family member or friend into our care.  If they were receiving palliative care at their home, it is advisable to contact the Hospice or palliative care services to notify them of your loved one’s passing.

If you are unsure at any time please feel free to contact us and we will help you through the steps.

If someone passes suddenly or unexpectedly

When a person passes away suddenly or unexpectedly or in the case of an accidental death, it is necessary that the Coroner be notified.  This is done by the Police who act as agents for the Coroner.  When a death is reported to the Coroner, the Police arrange for your loved one to be conveyed to the Hospital Mortuary.  This will be carried out by Coroner’s transport, who are contracted to the Coroner.  You as family, have the choice of which funeral home you want to carry out any funeral arrangements.

The next step is to contact us on 06 8767942, we are avalable 24 hours a day. We can then attend to your funeral arrangements and contact the coroner advising them of your choice.